An O Solar Mio Solar System May Benefit You Financially By:

  • Generating Your Own, Less-Expensive Electricity
  • Eliminating Your Monthly Utility Company Electricity Bill
  • Qualifying for Federal Investment Tax Credit Incentives
  • Substantially Increasing the Value of Your Property
  • Excluding Your Solar System from Property Tax Increases
  • Financing up to 100% of the System with Zero Down Payment
  • Receiving Great Manufacturer and Installer Warranties
  • Providing Tax-Deductible Investment Tax Depreciation

Solar System Process Overview:

  • Comprehensive Review of Existing Energy Usage
  • Property Survey and Installation Method Assessment
  • Preparation of Solar System Design and Proposal
  • Presentation of Proposal to Property Owner
  • Consideration of System Investment Financing Options
  • Preparation of Engineering Plans and Permit Application
  • Scheduling of Installation and Delivery of Materials
  • Professional System Installation and Final Inspection
  • System Connection to the Utility Company Grid

The warrantees are amazing! The self-monitoring tools provided to the homeowner or commercial property owner allow you to see exactly the amount of energy generation being provided by your new solar system. You can monitor the system from your computer or smart device, anytime, anywhere!

"Our energy usage was out of control and PG&E was burying us with high electric bills. Summer AC use was so costly we hated to use it. Our solar system SOLVED the problem. Best move we ever made. Rising energy costs no longer affect us and we LOVE IT."

– MBB, Fresno

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